HRPA – York Region arsalan May 11, 2024

A Story of Service and Commitment

Wincon was in the process of updating their website and strengthening their online presence. Not only were they in need of original content for this, but their objective was to stand out from the competition. In general the security industry has a reputation of being unreliable and the guards being poorly trained and unprofessional. Wincon wanted to effectively communicate that they are different. Beginning with their customer retention, level of service, training of their guards and the full range of security services, they are the go-to for all things security. They wanted the video to compete with “the big guys” in the industry.
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The Project

Storia was responsible for spearheading this campaign including managing creative ideation, pre-production, casting, production, and post-production. We were also commissioned to do headshots for the management team and photography for the website.

We knew we had to create something that elevated the brand with visual interest that clearly illustrated Wincon’s high level of experience, service and commitment – content that could easily compete with “the big guys” in the industry.

Given that the following year the company was celebrating their 20th anniversary, we also suggested creating a short video featuring the founder sharing Wincon’s story. We managed to capture the necessary video content during the time budgeted for the main video.

The Result

A successful rebranding campaign, including a library of content (photo & video) for their marketing and communications. The main video is also used as part of new employee orientation.