MSK arsalan April 17, 2024

I See ...
A Story of Hopes and Dreams

This private elementary school wanted to distinguish their philosophy from that of their competition: that of holistic education that nurtures the entire student. MSK hoped to not only be able to attract new students by speaking to parents with a similar philosophy, but also instill confidence in their existing parent community in how they were guiding their children.
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The Project

Storia was responsible for the entire project from creative ideation to pre-production, production, and post-production, as well as recommending a distribution strategy of the main video as well as the short social media edits.

We adopted a heartfelt approach that was sure to touch the heart of any parent. To create this brand story, we had young students from the school share their hopes and dreams. By doing so, we illustrated how MSK. starting at a very young age plays a pivotal role in enabling students to realize their potential. This narrative highlights the school’s impact suggesting that new students can similarly be inspired to go after their dreams at MSK.

The Result

The client received a brand film as well as a dozen short video clips for social media. The Director of the school told us that the video really connected with the parent community. She said, “The video was a big hit. Parents who would not normally take the time drop in to the school took the time to come in and comment on how much they loved the video.”