Conquer Your Fear of Being on Camera arsalan March 20, 2024

Conquer Your Fear of Being on Camera

Congratulations, you’ve decided to dive into the world of video. Just one hurdle, you’re petrified of appearing on camera.

You watch everyone else’s videos that look so polished and think “it’s easy for them”. Or “I’ll never feel that good on camera”.

We get it. Video might be our business, but we still face the same challenges when it comes to creating our own content.

Starting with being in front of the camera instead of behind the scenes. It means:⁠⁠

😱 Overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera⁠⁠

😲 Stopping trying to achieve perfection⁠⁠

😏 Stopping being critical of how I looked and sounded and ⁠⁠

🤔 Reminding ourselves that it’s not about us. Getting in front of the camera allows us to share ways to help you in using video. ⁠⁠


Also, finding time to create these videos is a challenge. So, we use the same method we use with our clients and batch our video content. We:⁠⁠

☑️ plan our content based on our marketing strategy ⁠⁠

☑️ pick a day to film several videos⁠⁠

☑️ set a schedule to edit. ⁠⁠


If you’re ready to start creating videos, whether it’s at home with your smartphone or with the help of a professional, here are some additional tips for feeling better about it.

Do it often.
As with most things, the more you do it, the easier it gets. With today’s social media outlets there are lots of ways to introduce a little on camera time into your life. Challenge yourself to show up in your Instagram Stories daily, go live on Facebook or Instagram with someone you know, or start a tiktok (no need to tell anyone you know to follow you). Every little step will make a difference.

Dress to feel like yourself
No matter what your style is, you want to feel confident on camera. If your style is unique, lean into that. Celebrate your personality and let it shine. It’s best to avoid complicated patterns, large jewelry that can be a distraction and heavy fabrics (best to avoid being sweaty).

Don’t stress the little “mistakes”
The power of video lies in humanizing communication and mistakes are part of that. Just by being yourself, mistakes and all, you’ll be engaging. Plus, everyone loves a good blooper reel.

Celebrate yourself
Whether it was a 16 second Instagram reel or a professional video shoot you just completed – Celebrate. It’s an amazing accomplishment and you did it.