Converting Prospects to Customers arsalan March 19, 2024

Converting Prospects to Customers

“People will buy from 
you the first time they
learn about you”

— No-one, EVER!  

Although we wish it were the case, people don’t usually buy from you the second they hear from you. This is why we need to understand the various stages of our customer’s journey that leads them to buy from us so that the video content we share guides them down the right path and doesn’t scare them away. We need to court them.

There are 5 steps in the customer journey take a prospect from being a total stranger to wanting to get to know you, like you, trust you and become a customer.

These 5 steps are:

  1. Prospect
  2. Know
  3. Like
  4. Trust
  5. Customer

Keep reading for video creation tips at each step of the journey.

1 – Prospect – THe Total Stranger

They find you online for the first time. You don’t have any relationship with them or trust. They won’t buy from you.

Tip: Create a video that connects on an emotional level.

Look to make your prospect feel that you are the solution they are looking for. Entice them to learn more about you.

2 – Know

Your prospect is aware of you but doesn’t know much about you.

Tip: Get people to know you by sharing video content.

Some great video topics for this audience centre around your story and values. It’s a great time to share the story of a transformation that your brand is responsible for or behind the scenes footage.

3 – LIKE

Your prospect has seen you. They like you but are still unsure. They don’t yet see you as the “go-to” person.

Tip: Make your video content clear and specific, as to who you help and problems you solve.

Create and share content that helps and inspires.


Your content inspires your prospect, provides valuable information, and helps them. You influence them and have earned their trust.

Tip: Share trust building content.

During this crucial step is the perfect time to share video testimonials, tips, and how-tos.

5 – Customer

Et voila! A loyal customer! But, this wouldn’t have been possible without establishing the “know-like-trust” factor first.

Tip: See previous steps, it’s crucial you don’t miss them.

Video can be used at each of these stages and can be very effective at guiding prospects from being total strangers to becoming loyal customers.

The abbreviated version of what this journey could look like is something like this:


  1. It generally begins when a prospect first learns about your business online, typically on social media.
  2. Video content at this stage should resonate with your ideal client, connect on an emotional level, create awareness, and pique their interest to want to learn more about your business.
  3. Through a call to action in your video, you guide them to a designated landing page or a customer journey page.
  4. The videos on this page should be helpful, answer questions, and inspire people to take action to continue their journey with you and eventually become a paying client.