Effective Video Starts with Strategy arsalan March 20, 2024

Effective Video Starts with Strategy

Video has the power to create powerful connections with your customers. In this second video of our customer journey series we look at why effective video must begin with a plan or strategy and what questions to ask.

Do you have a strategy for your video marketing?

You know you should be using video in your marketing but not all video is created equal and not all video works❗️ What does this mean Let’s use the analogy of a road trip. Before heading out you have to plan your trip or at least decide where you are going and how you are getting there. In other words, you would have a plan, a direction and a destination.

How does this relate to video marketing? Well, creating effective video must begin with a plan or strategy. You must start by answering questions like:

1️⃣ What in your marketing do we want to improve?
2️⃣ What do we want the video to accomplish?
3️⃣Who’s the audience
4️⃣What are their pain points/desires?
5️⃣What problem for your audience are you solving?
6️⃣What value do you provide?

So, I think you can see that you can’t just pick up the camera and shoot video because video marketing is about more than just creating flashy YouTube videos.

Effective video starts with truly understanding your ideal customer and the journey they go through to arrive at the decision to buy from you.

Stay tuned for video 3 coming soon.