How to Use Storytelling in Video Marketing arsalan March 19, 2024

How to Use Storytelling in Video Marketing

Storytelling has been capturing the attention of young and old alike for centuries.

Telling a good story can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Using a proven formula in your marketing videos is very effective at engaging customers and growing your business. Follow this story structure for your video script and become a marketing genius.

The Formula


1 – Know your Hero

It all starts with your viewer and he or she is “The Hero” of the story. It’s NOT you, it’s your customer, and they have a problem that needs to be solved.


2 – The Guide

They discover “A Guide” (this is you, it’s your brand).

You empathize, demonstrate knowledge, and offer a solution to their problem. This solution better clarifies how their problem will be solved.

This begins to build trust…


3 – Show how your brand helps

Communicate how your brand can improve their life. They know what is at stake if they don’t buy from you, but it’s just as important to be clear on what success could look like!


4 – Provide a Call to Action

Ensure you provide a clear way for them to take action on your offer. This could be a ‘buy now’ button, a pdf download, or a way for them to book an appointment.

For us, it’s our offer of a free quote on your project! Use the button below to chat with me, Fiorella Cunha, principal here at Storia Photo Video.


5 – Share what’s at stake

Communicate what is at stake for the hero if they don’t buy your product or service. If there’s nothing at stake, there is no motivation for them to buy from you.