GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL arsalan April 17, 2024

A Story of Community and Authenticity

Grand River Hospital, a cornerstone of healthcare in the Waterloo Region, collaborated with our video production team and Field Trip & Co., a creative agency, to tackle the critical nurse shortage through an impactful recruitment video.

This project, part of our series of recruitment videos for the hospital, was crafted to highlight the urgent need for skilled nursing professionals and the enriching career opportunities available at Grand River.

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The Project

The video delves into the everyday impact of nurses, featuring authentic testimonials and real-life interactions that showcase the essential role these professionals play in patient care. With a focus on the hospital’s supportive community and commitment to excellence, the video is designed to attract passionate individuals ready to contribute to a leading healthcare team.

Our approach, grounded in authenticity, featured real nurses from Grand River instead of actors to ensure genuine portrayals. However, the genuine portrayal meant overcoming common apprehension of performing on camera which we addressed by having conversations with the nurses to understand their connection to Grand River Hospital and building rapport prior to filming. On filming day, we also offered on-camera coaching to encourage natural, engaging deliveries.

The Result

The success of the nurse recruitment video prompted requests for two additional recruitment videos, each designed to attract top-tier talent to various key positions within Grand River Hospital.