CRESTCOM arsalan April 17, 2024

A Story of Transformation and Growth

Crestcom International, a leader in transformative leadership training, partnered with us to document the success story of one of their standout Canadian clients. The goal of this film was to illustrate the powerful impact of Crestcom’s innovative training methodologies on real-world business practices in the Canadian market.
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The Project

The video highlights key moments of interaction and breakthrough, showcasing the effective methods Crestcom employs to lead organizations through change and foster leadership excellence. This project not only reflects the transformative potential of effective leadership training but also serves as an inspiring case study for potential clients looking to elevate their own leadership capabilities.

The Storia team was responsible for the entire production. From the creative development, to interviewing key members, developing the story structure, pre-production, production, and post-production.

The Result

By showcasing a real-life success story of a Canadian organization, the video has helped Crestcom to further establish its position in the Canadian market. The comprehensive involvement of our video production team from conception through to the final edits ensured that the film was both compelling and aligned perfectly with Crestcom’s strategic goals.