A Lifeguard Recruitment Campaign

Brought on by the pandemic, the Municipality was faced with a shortage of qualified lifeguards and swimming instructors needed to run the swimming programs at the local community centres. The shortage was so significant that, if not resolved, it would have resulted in having to cancel some of the swimming programs.

In doing more of a deep dive, we discovered that, although the immediate problem was the current shortage, the root of the problem was the low enrolment in the certification process required to become a lifeguard.

Also, given the age of the many young people working as lifeguards who need their parents to drive them to the various community centres, the video not only had to appeal to the teens but also their parents. Two very different audiences which needed to be communicated to differently.

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The Project

Storia was responsible for spearheading this campaign including managing creative ideation, casting, pre-production, production, and post-production.

The solution we suggested was 2 videos – one to address the immediate need to recruit lifeguards and another to increase the enrolment in the lifeguard certification process.

Given the budget limitations, we had to design the content so that some could be used for both videos. Also, the planning was crucial in order to be super organized and efficient the day of the shoot to get all the content captured within one day without sacrificing the quality or creative.

Given the problems that are inherent when using inexperienced talent (real people), we had to keep the script/lines short and concise but still impactful to both audiences. So we created a fun, dynamic video full of visual interest and fun moments which would appeal to teenagers while making sure that the message included characteristics that a parent would want from a part-time job for their son/daughter.

The Result

The outcome was a very successful recruitment campaign – “…which resulted in the largest hiring of lifeguards ever.”

In addition to the lifeguard recruitment video we also produced a 30 second audio ad for Spotify. The content can be further repurposed into short extracts for social media (ie. Instagram stories and TikTok).