The Right Content for Each Stage of the Customer Journey arsalan March 20, 2024

The Right Content for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

What sometimes goes wrong when creating video

People often think of video marketing as video production. If the process begins by answering questions like “do we do it ourselves or do we hire a professional video production company”, the content you create will more than likely miss the mark.

Video marketing goes beyond the technical aspect of filming, in fact the first step in creating effective video content is to design a video marketing strategy and understand where in the customer journey this content is being used.

Awareness is the first stage in the customer journey (or marketing funnel).

It is important to note that it is a very important stage for all businesses and especially growing businesses. This is where the relationship with a new prospect begins. For the purpose of creating the right kind of video content, it is also important to note that this is an emotional state. The video content aimed at this stage of the customer journey needs to address the customer’s problem/desire and make them FEEL that they are understood (empathy) and we can help them. This content should intrigue them to want to learn more and continue the relationship with us.️

In light of the emotional component, the best type of video here is story-based content, where the customer is the hero and the business is the guide that offers them a plan to solve their problem. If you get this wrong, don’t bother creating video – it will be a waste of time and money.

Strategy First

The process of creating effective video begins with designing a video marketing strategy and recognizing the right type of video that is effective at each of the stages of the customer journey. Get this right and the results will be AWESOME! Video can help in each stage, however it is important to note that for video to be effective, we need to create the right type of video for each of these stages.

Video content used to create awareness looks very different from the video content on a sales page. When we look at the stages of a customer journey on a spectrum, we go from a very emotional state during awareness to a logical state at the conversion/sale.

So, what is this content? What is the right content to create? Stay tuned for the next few videos where we will be sharing the right type of content to create depending on your goal as it relates to the customer journey.