Why Video now? arsalan March 20, 2024

Why Video now?

There is nothing better than video to connect online on a human level.

It was such an honour to join Ben Amos on his Engage Video Marketing podcast last spring.

A big topic of conversation was around why video is so important, right now, in business. As we head into a new year, my answer hasn’t changed.

One of the primary reasons video content on the internet has soared in recent years is because it humanizes online communication.

Video, when done right, allows your viewer a peek into your business. It lets them know who is behind the scenes. Potentially, who they will be dealing with.⁠⁠ People do business with people.

There is nothing better than video to connect online on a human level. It allows you to show your brand’s personality, begin building a relationship with your viewer and earn trust which is the basis for all good business. ⁠⁠

As consumers we continue to expect a better online experience, a more personal/human connection even while relying on digital tools for communication. And the numbers show, people love video. Cisco reported that by 2022 video will account for 82% of all online traffic.

In 2019 people viewed one billion hours of videos on YouTube alone – each day!* And that number is growing.

So the real question is what customers, connections and opportunities are you missing out on if you aren’t using video in your marketing strategy?

Love the interview snippet above? Find the full episode here: https://engagevideomarketing.com/podcast/the-value-of-video-strategy-with-fiorella-cunha/