You Have an Interested Prospect. Now what? arsalan March 20, 2024

You Have an Interested Prospect. Now what?

So, here you are!!! You made it!

After engaging with your prospect, educating them, building trust, they are now ready to buy from you. But … we are not out of the woods just yet. What we do next could make or break the sale.

They may be ready but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some final concerns. They are now ready for the details of what they are buying. Remember when we talked about the awareness stage (Episode 4) being a totally emotional state. Well, the sales stage is the total opposite – it is completely rational.

Video content at this stage needs to address rational information – cost, process, details of what they get, etc. Also, this type of video needs to be super relevant to the person who is going to buy from you.

So, you make the sale! Woohoo! You’re done right? Absolutely not! You now have an opportunity to continue the relationship and have a client for life. Stay tuned for the next and final video in this series to find out how to use video to turn a one-time customer into a client for life.